Wednesday, January 01, 2003

I've had another reawakening, of sorts. Life gets hard, I've found, but a few things can help you through it. Hugs, tears, wise words, dreams, you. I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in my clothes with my family [those who do and don't look like me], was/am sleep deprived after 2 18-hour drives and a fabulous party. People suprise me, again and again, and that's usually a good thing. I saw a much-beloved friend after who-knows-how-long, felt incredibly loved and fully surrounded in a constant hug for a solid week, and laughed until my stomach hurt over and over. I think you could get rock-hard abs after a month with Warner and Krissie and the gang. I'm not much looking forward to my return to school, but it's only two days until the weekend and I found my CDs and quite a few new musical discoveries [see below]. I now own two diamonds, two Sark books, and the promise of a shopping spree tomorrow with the girls and hopefully as-of-yet unnamed pal.

see you soon, loves.

ps- i really meant what i said about wanting emails. it makes me ever-so-sad to see "you have no unread messages" over and over. hurry!


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