Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Several times this morning, I woke up, saw a bold beam of sunlight breaking through my drawn shades and thought I couldn't possibly be on time for school. I decided it would be best if I lay in bed for a while, half-asleep, singing "Champange High" by Sister Hazel. My immediate excuse was that I had woken up at 5 that morning to watch a meteor shower. We ended up driving to where there were no lights, and staring at the sky from the winshield of our minivan. There weren't anywhere near as many as I had hoped, but that's what Montanna is for. We came back home and I flopped in my bed, and missed Seminary to make up for the extra hour of missed sleep. I think I remember someone yelling my name after that, but I assumed it was a dream, or unimportant [that is, no one was dying]. When I saw the aforementioned stream of light, I kept smiling into my pillow and stretching. I came downstairs to find that I am the only one home, and sometimes I think I prefer it this way.


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