Tuesday, January 14, 2003


i wish i was hugged more often. i wish i had someone to hold hands with. i wish i had my own car. my own license, for that matter. i wish i could play guitar better. i wish i had more cds. i wish i had more clothes that i liked. i wish that the united states would give more money to third world countries. i wish that i would. i wish that i had fuzzy slippers. i wish that i had more sweaters. i wish i got things done sooner. i wish this health report i'm supposed to be doing gets done on time [by 2nd period]. i wish that i could be with my best friends instead of just talking to them. i wish i could see more stars. i wish i could make more wishes. i wish i had red rubber rain boots. i wish i could be around you, more. i wish my hair was longer. i wish i had the guts to cut my hair shorter. i wish i had wigs. i wish that batteries didn't run down so quickly, and that people were more apt to smile.

i wish.


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