Sunday, March 30, 2003


ZWAN was last night!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing, he was amazing. We shoved out way to the front after Queens of the Stone Age and winning free tickets for Randon and Krissie. I screamed his name when they came on stage and cried when they played their first song [Endless Summer]. I'm still trying to figure out during what song the dreamy stubble-boy kissed me during. Jeeze louise, he was dreamy...I got another smooch from Rox, and arms around everyone from the 10 people I was inadvertently touching. Rox started to faint during Settle Down, so I helped her out to a giant fan and cried again during their dreamy improv encore. I love Zwan, and Krissie's officially converted. I can't contain myself, and that's going to be my default daydream for quite some time.

AH he was 5 feet away from me. We had eye contact. with BILLY.


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