Thursday, March 20, 2003

Today was a rather nondescript day. On my way to 8th period, Mia's wistful beaux ran into me and called me the b-word. I, in return, pushed him into a locker and kept walking. So she made a wise decision in having to clean that Sunday. But, besides that, I had a relatively good day. I understand what we're doing in Chemistry, and tomorrow I get to see the other half of my family. I talked to my dad last night and enjoyed it very thoroughly, but still felt a little sad that he wanted to go. We had a fun conversation. =) I tried calling the loverly miss Kristen but the number didn't work. I did, however, have a nice conversation with Christa and a certian un-named genius who I officially adore.

I really rather feel like reading Spilling Open. I think I just may go do that.

Ugh, I realized how much homework I have tonight. I have to do my entire I-Search paper. I think I just had an accident. meh.

current mood: scared [of the homework]
current music: liar by the cranberries


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