Thursday, May 01, 2003

20 minutes till I get dressed for the day [I have to drag myself up two flights of stairs and dress with one foot]

? hours till I get crutches

1 Day till X-MEN, Krissie's 16TH BIRTHDAY
. and friday, thank goodness

2 Days till the much needed, time-consuming trip to D.C. and certian places therein

I stay home too much. huh. Not my fault. lovely day for...well, almost anything. my apoligies to roxie for breaking our reality bites partay. listening to emo for the first time in 10 years. not sure how i'm taking it. reminds me incredibly of spilling open and last summer. a new may is here, and june's just around the corner. the fact that this year hasn't taken an eternity terrifies me. but i'm okay. i am okay. because i have all of today to sit around and be served [heh, heh] and analyze dreams about certian boys and their piano-playing rock star alter egos.
i woke up at a delicious 10: 49 today, not realizing how sleep-deprived I am. I left Dune at my daddy-o's house, je pense, and now i'm wanting it back. i started one of Lissa's books last night, something about a super duper crazy nanny with purple hair. *shrug* i tried starting Ya-Ya again, but couldn't get past the first chapter. Besides, that book can be incredibly emotionally draining, and not something I need right now. So mayhap The Work and the Glory is calling my name. Or mayhap I'll just read Ella Enchanted for the 108949384578475th time in a row.

also, my space IQ is out of this world

current mood: sleepy
current music: goodbye by paris, texas


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