Monday, June 02, 2003

Mander came over today and stayed till like 4. We chizilled and listened to Tori Amos and I bragged about how awesome Patrick is. *sigh* I adore that boy. We stayed up till 12 [I'm assuming--12:30? 11?] because he didn't want to let me go without finding the name of a poem in Leaves of Grass [a singer in the prison, i remembered]. man oh man he's so so dreamy. and..yeah. just happy. i woke up this morning crying partially because i was stressed about finals but mostly because i was tired. yet i still don't take a nap...

and school ends super duper crazy soon. i was about to whine about going back today on saturday night and realized i have 4 1/2 days left with ryan [in school, anyways]. and yeah. =( makes me sad. things are a LOT different than i thought they would be....people, situations, but yeha. christa's stayed pretty constant through it all. i almost told her last night "you're so becomming my best friend!" and then i realized that that position's already filled--by her. =)

i've been reading buttloads lately. i read the princess bride, started perelandra, the entire immortals series, and other various tamora pierce endeavors. what's even better is i have 3 or so books all lined up and ready for the start of summer. we're doing interviews on thursday in school and i have to dress pretty so i'm a little bit bummed out about that....and i'm trying to decide what to wear when we flash the graduating class fruity's name. oh good times. =)

i'd like to do a song of great political and social import....psh only sounds good because of backup singers. tardo.
current mood: pensive
current music: mercedes benz by janis joplin


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