Thursday, May 08, 2003

I had another break-down last night. Mom called Christa and left a message for me, then I punched in John's number. I whined for a bit then we witlessly bantered and he had to go. Loverly Miss Christa called me back once I was more or less out of the blues. I was crying about the whole pals thing and lack of sleep and self-pity. Manda thinks I hate her and *shrug* everything's really screwy with those ladies right now. Doing my best not to think about it. I'm very excited for our dinner/pajama [sum pajama!]/Pretty In Pink party on Friday night, just not particularly for the cooking aspect.

I wrote a kick-butt paper today in English about Leo Tolstoy's "How Much Land Does A Man Need" defining his theories on minimalism that I more or less made up but ohh it sounds so good. One of the sentences used the words anthesis, archiac, and something else I can't remember at the moment. Yeah, I was pretty proud *shines nails*

I'm reading tricky business by dave barry at the moment, and tomorrow we're going to molest mrs. gable's replacement/todd barry. i'm a-sited.

current mood: sly [mom wants us to clean house-no computer, tv, or phone till we do. so i'm going upstairs to read.]
current music: down on the corner by the one and only creedence clearwater revival


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