Sunday, May 18, 2003

So this weekend was a lot better than expected! And by this weekend I mean today...Church always always helps, and Saturday was productive, if nothing else. Lots of tears, laughs, cuddles, and ice cream. I adore my big sister and my best friend [they could be seen as the same person! But we're talking strictly legal terms, here] for helping me through anything and everything. I'm going to my daddy-o's next weekend and ignoring everything that's going on, so maybe that's not the best way to deal with it, but hey, I'm not letting it ruin my trip to Kings Dominion. And Oh my goodness so greatful for Christa telling me that yes, it will be okay, eventually, if not immediately. The image of my future family is a relief because I'll do good with that, I promise. As for now, all I want to do is read Lioness Rampant [I love Amy forever for letting me hole up in her room for 3 hours reading Woman Who Rides Like A Man]. Because yes, they're stupid and childish and great fodder for humour but they're such a huge part of me --well, not growing up, but getting older. And I see nothing shameful or silly about that. At least nothing that I should pretend didn't happen. Because, yes, Alanna DOES kick butt! haha makes me laugh. Stan said he'd take me to the coolio bookstore to get stuff for Madame and mayhap I'll pick up a few books written by a certian Mrs. Pierce....

current mood: heroic (as i win my shield by disguising my sex)
current music: lazy days by leona naess


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