Wednesday, June 11, 2003

WOo! This weekend was pretty fun. I went to graduation and we cheered for Fruity and Ryan super crazy loud. I came home and hung out at my gram's till Ryan came to pick me up and we stayed out till 3:21 [how's that for photographic memory?] playing at the partay where ashley didn't know anyone and Denny's, having eye sex with Baby Love. Saturday was spent amongst my darling darling Patrick and Ariel. I showed them Yeah Yeah Yeahs but I don't think they love them as much as I do [yet]. Patrick burned me Pablo Honey and Version 2.0 and ohh man I love Radiohead soo much. I was going to go to a show that night but no dice because mom came to pick me up too late. Monday was spent lounging around and enjoying the summery laziness of it all. I spent the night at Gram's last night, and today we went to the lake. Amanda and I ran away from spiders, loathed cold water, found out specific bleh bleh things but hey life goes on. I had a really good time, it was exactly what I needed to relax and take my mind off things. I've been rather loaded down lately. I'm just a little baffled at how this could possibly be happening, and how someone who i respect so much's judgement could lapse that much but hey. things happen. i skipped mutual tonight for watching the sun set and fishing--that and it was a father daughter activity. we came home and stan paid for mander to fill up, and i was impressed again by how generous he is. =)

i was daydreaming about patrick all day, listening to pretty almost-rock and roll nestled betwixed achingly beautiful vocals and quiet but ever-so-introspective lyrics. dreamy boy.

i re-re-re-re-re-re-re-started alanna: the first adventure. i put them on patrick's afamed reading list but i don't think he'll fully understand their awesomeness unless he can become a 10-12 year old girl while reading them. they seem like they'll lose their magic if you don't have all the memories and inside jokes to back them up [ALANNA TO YOUR JONATHAN! she exclaimed, then covered her mouth, embarassed at how enthusiastically she named their relationiship]. But no worries, i still have the good ole loreena mckennit-jewel-ever after-nick days saved up on my mental hard drive.

and i wish you all would go away. i think patrick and ariel and christa and i should all just go somewhere, for a long time, and make carrot pesto soup and play with puppies all day and dance in the sunshine and create moonlight potions and forget that anything bad ever happened.

current mood: good question
current music: clocks by coldplay


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