Monday, September 01, 2003

so the luau was super duper fun. people sucked some, but it was mostly pretty keen. i got the calf-high mocasins that i didn't think i'd get because they were 160$....but mom and stan love me with their money. so whoo! and two typewriters, and rainer maria rilke and lots moola and kayler gave me cool cds and a cd case and mia is taking me to breakfast at tiffany's and got me a holly golightly purse. all in all, i totally cashed out [in?]. i spent the night at gram's last night watching dead poets society and today i made sticky pecan rolls that everybody loved. turns out i have sinus right cheek is swollen and i have a mongo bad headache all over that side of my head. i really want to play with mia....i made her a pretty something that i'm going to give her tomorrow. i'm wearing her pink frilly fun negligee [is that how you spell it...?] for homecomming. trying to figure out what to do to keep my shoulders covered and mormon. i suppose a sweater will be in order. i still want one with embroidery. swallows would be cool.

ugh ugh ugh i hate custody crizzap. shoot you in the face kinda hate. argh.

i don't wanna go to school tomorrow even a little bit. i didn't think i'd get into this so quickly. i'm trying trying trying to keep my chin up and everything...and it really isn't that big of a deal. okay. think pros....
english poetry assingment. i read two emmerson poems today that were like 150 lines each.
getting to wear sweaters. i love sweaters.
get to make new friends.
hanging out with old friends.
making fun of green.
the library during study halls.
using the computers for illegal things such as printing out prettiness and looking at blogs. i should start a project that looks school related and have that up whenever someone walks by. aww now i miss ryan and our day 5s in the writin center.

i want a pixies shirt and a sounds shirt. off to

current mood: aggrivated
current music: none. i hate not having speakers up here


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