Tuesday, September 09, 2003

English is getting to be really fun, especially with Kayla in there. We're reading Our Town and today she and I just talked about weddings the entire class period. She said I could be a bridesmaid if she married Billy. =) School really is not so bad as was previously thought. I really like my Bio II class. Today Machalea [girl who sits next to me] and I started calling Mr. Gable G-Dawg and that's a crazy fun class, as well. Elle and I have been playing in the library during study halls together. Today when they checked out my book [which is insanely awesome--it's called The Futile Life of Pito Perez] she didn't even ask my name. I feel so cool when they do that, even though the entire school hates them. Oh yeah, I turned Elle onto Orson Scott Card! Whoo! Austin still won't let me read the Homecomming: Earth because he's not done, but I think I'll steal it away from him tonight.

So right now I'm printing out things that don't qualify as American Poetry to put on the cover of my poetry notebook. So far I have the previous entry [which was, in case you couldn't tell, a Truman Capote selection], a Guillame Appollinaire poem, and a Rainer Maria Rilke poem. Speaking of German names, today this girl Courtney stole 'Eva' when we were picking names first hour, but she said she was thinking about changing it. I did, however, pick Petra as an alternate. But I don't think anyone at school except Mia will get the refrence. Sigh.

I hate wearing clothes I don't like. Today I wore that silly Cheer Up Emo Kid shirt inside out and the color's really garish and bleh. And it doesn't fit well either. Oh well, Elle gave me back my brown jacket so I can wear that soon, even though she made it smell like tuna fish.

Mandy might come up this weekend...I miss her so much. I want to take her picture. She's so gorgeous--and will look wonderful in black and white. Sigh.


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