Thursday, August 28, 2003

school isn't too bad so far--having a good time in most of my classes, except american history, but mr. emig is semi-interesting, and i pretend everyone else in that class doesn't exist, plus i hum the sounds and read a lot. so that helps. whoo! i am totally add at the moment and cna't concentrate on anything. here, for your daily entertainment

azureSky309: i got chillllllllsssss!!!!!
azureSky309: they're multiplying
Punkyelhsa: they're multiplyin
Punkyelhsa: they DON'T pronounce the 'g'
azureSky309: hahaha
Punkyelhsa: stupid fatty you got nothing on john
azureSky309: multiply iinnggggg
azureSky309: gah
azureSky309: multiplyinggggaaa
azureSky309: hahaahahah
azureSky309: oh
Punkyelhsa: you suck
azureSky309: your the one that i want
azureSky309: oo oo oo hunny
Punkyelhsa: shimmy shimmy


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