Thursday, October 02, 2003

i miss ryan really bad. mer. =( he's not coming back till thanksgiving, and we're probably not going to be here for that....sad.
school's been pretty okay. elle and i are assistant sexy librarians, aka we help shelve books day 4 period 5. i'm really into high school. i dunno not really high school, but we're so young. so much to do. bio class is alway so much fun even though we're being like huge dorks. today we were talking about boys and girls and it was just soo stupid but funny. ahh good times. and i so love being super obnoxious class clown at oktoberfest yelling at brenna and goofing around with alex. jeeze i bet a lot of people hate me. ahh well what can you do.

so i'm re-reading many waters by madeline l'engle...and i had decided i wouldn't be able to do the just a loincloth thing because i'd feel so nakey but it's steaming hot in my mom's room right now and i'm willing to try it, i decided.

i love intelligence sooo much. man. it's so dreamy. if only...sigh.


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