Friday, October 31, 2003

oh man last night was so much fun. it was pseudo halloween in dallastown, and lelaina and vicki stepped out grandma's front door for a night on the town. we went over to the godfrey's and did the my sharona dance with fruity on their front porch cause we couldn't do it at a gas station. we're going to eat gas. speaking of eating, i'm practically finished my halloween candy after 4 candy bars. i think i'm gonna dip into my sisters' stashes. but yeah this creepy kid also named kyle but not dressed up like alex grabbed my boob and i like bent his fingers back and threw 'em at his face--just not hard. i'm such a wuss. what a fatty. (him). alicia was so mucho fun--last year me and rox were scared of her...dunno why. but yeah. we had an awesome time. and we found morocco and her bunch--and i can't get over my jealousy complex to even smile at holy. jeeze that's like the first time i've thought of him outside of school but i still can't be nice. i hate my crazy. and fruity's soo gross i mean man. he like exploded with metaphorical pimples all over us last night. and his car smelled like sweaty armpit. made me remember how he used to, back in the paaants days. ew. ew. i'm grossing myself out...

i'm outie 5000

i want that movie back.


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