Tuesday, October 28, 2003

rox and i went to party city today and walmart and wendy's...good ole stalkin. i found the wig i want for halloween and it freaked me out how much i look like ali with no hair. except my face is all fat and bleh. anyhoodles. i'll still be hot.

yw in excellence tonight. i'm speaking in french. i only have my speech half done and nothing else at all but hey it's all gravy. mom was like "i'll come, but you owe me" and it hurt my feelings lots. =(

roxie was really fun today. she spit out her gum on a candy bar and we were laughing silently for like ten minutes in the baby aisle.

went to salvation army last night. i got two sweaters and a dress i'm turning into a skirt, with mia's help. i think i'm gonna go back and get that go go ish thing for machalea if she wants it. or i'll just tell her about it. it was fun.

my skirts all wrinkley and i have to wear ugly hose but hey i'm wearing an mxpx shirt...oh wait. that's no relief. barf all over me.

vicky minor here i come.


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