Saturday, November 01, 2003

halloween was pretty fun, all in all. i went to the foosball game for a total of like 20 minutes then mia and i left in the butch to go see alex, who wasn't there, so we ended up gorging ourselves on giant hot choclates. i did anyways. so we left to hang out at the buergers. we watched ghost world and bride of frankenstein and after mia left brother buerger and i watched bed of roses. all the boys fell asleep in the living room, but i was still up at like 1:30 and then brother buerger said JD's bed would be empty cause he was staying out all night...apparently that was a miscommunication because he came home sometime in the middle of the night to find me in his bed. i said that to bro. buerger and he was like "answer to all his prayers" which made me laugh. so we drove home the long way, enjoying all the beautiful fall weather and having a grand old time. so tonight we're going to the corn maize/maze thing in lancaster with them and i'm trying to get mia to come but her phone has been busy for like the last HOUR so i dunno. i really wanted her to tho. anyhoodles. i'm off

oh yeah also went to goodwill after getting my eyebrows done with heather and got a shirt that i'm gonna make into my johnny are you queer shirt and stan's christmas present and a white scarf. i love being cheap. all for 6 bucks.


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