Wednesday, December 03, 2003

I see: my mom's jewelry case
I need: to do my english paper
I find: myself lonely
I want: to be able to go to bed early
I have: a fouton
I wish: i was in college
I love: you
I hate: stupid people
I miss: christa
I fear: embarassment
I feel: cold
I hear: myself typing
I smell: pepperming oil
I crave: lasagna
I search: google
I wonder: who will pick austin up today

Smiled: on the way home
Laughed: 8th period, shannon eberly and i did mash.
Cried: two weekends ago
Bought something: monday
Danced: today
Were sarcastic: recently
Watched your favorite movie: i watched lord of the rings the two towers [extended version!!] on monday but that's not my very favorite
Had a nightmare: last week--i dreamed i hadn't finished my homework and woke up at two in the morning and started to get out of bed, only to realize i didn't have any.

Last book you read: i'm reading the winter of our discontent
Last movie you saw: chasing papi. oh just kidding, it was the two towers, but that's the latet new one.
Last song you heard: black sabbath, on the way to school
Last thing you had to drink: water
Last time you showered: monday. i'm dirty.
Last thing you ate: lunch--chili and salad

Smoke: no
Do drugs: no
Have sex: no
Sleep with stuffed animals: i sleep with a security blanket and four thousand pillows
Live in the moment: yes
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: no
Have a dream that keeps coming back: places in dreams
Play an instrument: yes
Believe there is life on other planets: yes
Remember your first love: not yet
Still love him/her:
Read the newspaper: often enough
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever: yes
Consider love a mistake: no
Like the taste of alcohol: from what i've had--no. that is, pina coladas and rum balls are gross.
Have a favorite candy: yes. milky way midnights.
Believe in astrology: not particularly
Believe in magic: yes
Believe in God: yes
Pray: yes
Go to church:yes
Have any secrets: yes
Have any pets: sorta
Do well in school: ehh i dont' do badly
Wear hats: yes
Piercings: none
Have any tattoos: samuari warrior on my right forearm
Hate yourself: no
Have an obsession: food
Have a secret crush: ...mayhap
Do they know yet: i doubt it. i don't know, really.
Collect anything: clothes
Have a best friend: yes
Wish on stars: yes
Like your handwriting: yes.
Have any bad habits: i bite my nails, and i don't really brush my hair. or my teeth, as often as i should.
Care about looks: to a point--i don't usually let it interfere
Believe in Satan: yes
Believe in ghosts: ehh not so much

way to end stupid.

who am i calling stupid....i hate myself. way to fill out a survey.


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