Thursday, January 08, 2004

So after crying my eyeballs dry and yelling at mom and Kyle, Mr. Z didn't do much more than tell me it's another 5 points off my grade. And that I'm worthless and should've been killed at birth, but that's become more of a mantra than an insult. I was singing whir today walking through the halls and for the first time in a while, I was perfectly content walking by myself. I wished the hall to the bathroom from Geometry went on forever but I eventually got there. If I ever got a big house the only reason I'd want it is for an intercom system with hidden speakers everywhere so that I can listen to my music and have it just be, instead of the constant fast forwarding and rewinding and changing that reminds me it's not floating, it's eminating.
I'm depressed now, probably from not being nice to anyone yesterday. But I'm almost done Wild Magic and about to suck up Wolf Speaker.
but i wanna let her know
that i wanna let it go
blew, blew, blew away
but i don't wanna go
blew blew i love you blew....


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