Monday, December 22, 2003

So as of today, I've seen The Return of the King three times. I kick butt.

Went to see Randon's play Saturday night after christmas shopping all day, with Mike Nihms. I'd never like even spoken to him before in my life, but I had a really good time. A lot of musical commonground, and he's really passionate about the corruption on the radio today. I felt a little left out because I don't even listen to it, so I don't really know what's going on. But man, ask me anything about the ninties and I'm there. So went to the playhouse in our jeans and tshirts, and felt grossly underdressed but had a good time anyways. The seats weren't the greatest, mostly because the two women in front of me were annoyingly opaque. We went out to eat afterwards with Randon and got back at about 1:30 and stayed up with kyle wrapping presents till 4 and woke up again at 6. so that was horrible. but it was really really fun. had pseudo christmas on sunday morning! i got the complete works of shakespeare [kyle did too, only a different set from someone else--again] and the return of the king soundtrack and tickets to a play. i'm pretty excited for florida. i'm glad that we went this weekend because whenever i get to one house i'm very "i want to stay here forever" and so the fun i had so recently is fresh in my mind--if that makes sense.
went out with roxie today...had a grand ole time. brought a purse, which is unusual. i think i look too prissy with 'em. my hair's all curlyesque tho, which makes me feel neat.
i want to give taylor his birthday present but i can't find it, and i don't know if i'll see him.
christmas always seems romantic to me.
gonna do this new years changing thing on my next post, just to forewarn you. good luck.


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