Sunday, January 04, 2004

Florida and back--now I'm sunburned ever so slightly and wishing I was back there having fun in the sun again. Let's see. we hung out where donna grew up till sunday [northern florida...not sure where, per se.] had a good time. we set out and got to orlando sunday night, then went to universal studios on monday and tuesday. it was all kinda a blur. i had a very good time. didn't wear a jacket once, got sunburned on my face from walking around all day. it was so wonderful. rode big scary roller coasters and had an anxiety attack in line for hte hulk [at least, the first time around] and screamed loudly. mike nihms came with the family, so that was just another super cool kid along for the ride. it was laughs all the time. krissie and i made skirts. mine's navy blue and flowy and i love it so much but i doubt i'll be able to wear it until at least march tho because it's around knee legnth. i hate being cold now. i'm with mia all the way, sun all the time. the ride home was lots of fun. i didn't pee my pants once, and kyle is a good conversationalist, PLUS i got to control the music. so i came home, and mom cleaned our room! like really freakin clean. and she got me an audrey calender, but krissie has already gotten me a "Fifties at home" calender that i love. i don't know what i'm gonna do with two, but i'm willing ot bet i'll be alright. i thought about mandy a lot, and mia. i think i'm losing weight. it's a good feeling. it may very well be psychological, but hey, no worries. i can wear my world fair shirt now with jeans and not freak out over being fat all day. or maybe it's just the company i was in.
i want a drumset. i keep listening to sugarhigh lip synching the words pretending mia's in a miniskirt next to me and i'm a super rock star saving the empire. so yeah. i really do want to do that. i think colby shue is a good candidate for guitarist. that is, if i ever get that drumset.
call me, please. having a good time. clean rooms'll do that to ya.
oh yes, the shirt mia gave me made me feel gorgeously awesomely 70s.
midday anonymous by jets to brazil, again. i think i'll go doodle in my journal. i hate how i have 3 right now--super nice leather lined one, huge leather sketchbook, and little sketchbook the size of my hand. i don't know which i want to write in. but i think i'm gonna only write in french in that leather one. good goal. i didn't make any new years resolutions, but i did hear cheap trick play surrender and i want you to want me in the first few hours of the new year. so maybe that's an omen. or kick-spanky cool, take your pick.


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