Monday, January 05, 2004

15 Years Ago, I:
1. was one
2. lived in massachusetts
3. had curly hair
4. was the youngest of two children
5. sang 'oh boy, i got joy' constantly

10 Years Ago, I:
1. was six
2. lived in maryland
3. was best friends with lisa martland
4. played x-men with my brothers
5. loved kickball on our street

6 Years Ago, I:
1. was ten
2. thought i was a hippie
3. started my period
4. met christa
5. was obsessed with hanson, tamora pierce, and jewel

4 Years Ago, I:
1. got my heart broken by nick
2. moved to montana
3. got my first kiss-during a james bond movie having bad breath
4. found out my parents were getting a divorce
5. went out with a boy for 18 hours [his name was colt]

1 Year Ago, I:
1. loved warner
2. went on an art and poetry kick that resulted in two journals and a friendship with ryan
3. was in love with fruity and broken hearted that he didn't pick me--but consoled myself with dashboard
4. found out people aren't perfect
5. remembered my faith

this two kinda blur together

6 Months Ago, I:
1. went to EFY-met a cute boy-who never called until christmas eve.
2. saw flogging molly with my big brother and got to see him grinning his face off at his first concert
3. made friends with stan
4. realized how quickly time moves
5. saw the aurora borealis

1 Month Ago, I:
1. was loving school
2. had a big secret crush on you know who
3. made honor roll-maybe that was october
4. made friends with linnhe-maybe that was november.
5. fell in love with shopping all the time

1 Week Ago, I:
1. was in florida
2. got a bass guitar
3. had another secret crush-this time you don't know who.
4. made a pretty skirt
5. blew 50 bucks on food and fabric

Yesterday (2), I:
1. came home from maryland
2. stressed about school
3. found my room clean
4. went to giant with mia for two seconds
5. re-discovered all my missing things that mom found [sunglasses, pices iscariot, underwear]

Today (3), I:
1. went back to school
2. learned how to say dead poets society in german- Der Club der toten Dichter
3. made pizza rolls
4. invited heather james over but she has yet to call
5. wished my hair was long enough for a ponytail after pinning it up

Tomorrow (4), I:
1. will turn in my french project about my grandma
2. will go over to said grandma's house after school
3. will develop film in third period [if i get them taken]
4. will go to youth group after not having been since the christmas party
5. will hopefully be waiting for that shirt

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. pizza rolls
2. doritos
3. sparkling cider and choclate covered almonds
4. choclate dip and strawberries
5. bologna

5 Games I Like:
1. volley ball
2. slap jack
3. trivial pursuit
4. the depth perception game
5. the band game-where you name bands in alphabetical order

5 Things I'd Buy With $1000:
1. clothes. oh man, clothes. everything on tigerlily and crackers and honey and ohh man clothes.
2. shoes. does that count as clothes? shoes.
3. plane ticket to and from christa's--for her and me
4. a chinese food place. cause obviously they only cost like 2 dollars
5. cds. everything in ikos and lots of movies too

Top 5 Musicians (Artists) Lately:
1. smashing pumpkins-as always and always
2. steve miller band
3. the violent femmes
4. dance hall crashers
5. flogging molly

5 Bad Habits I Have:
1. biting my nails instead of cutting them short
2. slouching
3. putting myself down
4. not bathing. often.
5. not putting any effort into something when it doesn't require it

5 Interests at the moment:
1. getting that lesson done by tonight--not gonna happen
2. french.
3. reading
4. writing in journals
5. watching movies.

5 TV Shows I Like:
1. arrested development
2. the simpsons
3. most extreme elimination challenge
4. saturday night live
5. scrubs

3 Places I've Lived:
1. louisiana
2. maryland
3. dallastown/red lion

My Top 5 Biggest Worries at the Moment:
1. not getting that lesson done and looking like a tardo in front of people i want to think i'm intelligent [bro. buerger]
2. failing all my midterms
3. parents messing up my life
4. never finding anyone who thinks i'm pretty and not retarded
5. letting life pass me by

My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. the fact that i'm listening to flogging molly-and i can hear them in my head at the same time singing for real
2. reading the winter of our discontent slowly and absorbing all of the language
3. kyle giggling loudly
4. mom's got a job, and thusly money, and thusly i'll get those pumas and those shirts
5. we're having family home evening for the first time in ten years tonight-even tho i'm teaching the lesson


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