Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Just got really depressed randomly. Slash reading depressing posts on other people's blogs and xangas and various online journals and having to decide how long I want to stay at dad's this weekend. Ah this keeps getting more and more complicated.

Today I took frozen peaches from the cafeteria home in my lunchbox with a stolen spoon and ate them on my bed while listening to Sleater Kinney.

I had like twelve dreams last night. In the first, I was talking to b. doug online only to leave and go to another dream and a darkness concert where i found roxie across the dance floor, and proceeded to do front hand-springs amidst the moshing kids only to land with my feet on her husband/kyle's shoulders and stand up like that. Then I turned, and found out that "The Darkness" was merely a black curtain with the music playing behind it. The third was about orcs attacking my house in droves, led by Melissa Kreschmer, who looked very pretty, and spending a long time trying to find a place to hide, or at least something to fight with, and it ended with us on my parents' balcony with orcs running around underneath. I woke up when they finally broke through the glass doors, and I was staring at my closet and was wondering if I could hide Ali up there and if they'd think to look for her there. Then I looked at the clock and realized it was time to get up for Seminary. So I was scuzzy today and didn't shower and my hair has leftover wax in it from yesterday.

I have lots of things to do for New Beginings tonight and I'm the worst person in the whole wide world and such a slacker. I was supposed to bring in clothes that I've made, and I realized that Alex has one of the shirts and the rest I haven't really made from scratch, I've just altered, except for the blue skirt. Ack. By the way, elle, I want that shirt back. Pronto. Smack smack.


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