Friday, April 16, 2004

Last night's volleyball game was oodles of fun. Roxie came, and I had a mohawk, and afterwards we showed David and Taylor around our monotonous school and danced in the parking lot to the yeah yeah yeahs. oh, i love them. today was a pretty good day. i'm wearing austin's undershirt and it's all thin and i like it. also: it's getting around to the ever-so sporadic laundry day and i kinda ran out of clean underwear, so i'm wearing a strapless bra and a bathing suit bottom. not comfy, lemme tell ya what. pants were slippery all day, and the bra has these plastic straps across the back that make me wanna cry. but it's all good. we're going out tonight to el rodeo. mmm delicious. i'm wearing my nouveau black and white dress. i'm very excited. good times.


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