Saturday, August 07, 2004

as je lay moi down a dormir

i'm in france. its soaking up the sun and the food and the culture and its so wonderful and awesome. i really cant get over it all. lots of eye candy and real candy and wonderful shopping and sexy accents. and im tan like no other now, because the french are too cool for sunscreen. i dont want to leave. only im extremely tired right now and laying on kahinas floor with the laptop so i think ima go to bed. goodnight


Blogger Christa said...

AHHHH! I want to be in France! As it is, the past two weeks I've contented myself to the amazing cultural experience of Utah [okay, but Temple Square really was pretty cool, and the whole wedding experience was really incredibly beautiful, despite the annoying, pseudo-aggressive/funny photographer] and California. California could have been passed by but oh, San Fransisco. I am utterly in love, and not just because of Amoeba Music. drool drool drool. You now have a very awesome birthday present coming your way soon. I miss you like the dickens [that is such a weird saying, but the first that came to mind] and oh, come home and call me soon and good stuff is coming your way, really good stuff. Plus stories and such. And School is starting soon! ah! but there's a movie to watch and this is far too long for the medium anyways - as proper it should be an e-mail, but anyways. I digress. I love you! Call me soon! Au revoir!

10:55 PM  
Blogger miss mia said...

i really want you to be home. i miss you so much. i miss talking to you. and hugging you. and just being with you and your crazily big family. and i miss shopping with you. and laughing with you. and i miss you. alot. and i want you to be home. alot.

11:20 PM  

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