Monday, August 29, 2005

death to robert shaw

i kicked french 202's butt.
i did not, however, kick parking's butt. it cost 75 dollars and i overdrew for the first time in my life. luckily, IUP is so backwards that the credit card machine wasn't electronic so i could deposit cash before i had to pay an extra 30 dollars. i only have five dollars to live on for the next week tho. plus the parking lot is crazy far. i don't even have any classes on that end of campus.

i'm excited to go to pittsburgh and camping. not camping so much. but to be with my family. i thought i'd feel really stifled by the utter lack of anything to do in indiana but so far i've been enjoying it. lots of trees and grass and i brought enough books to last me at least a week. but i don't think i'll mind hearing something besides pickups blaring country and "oh man i was so wasted...."

which means i'm going to eat some oatmeal
then i'm going to bed.

i miss you.


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