Monday, February 19, 2007

this is becoming increasingly like zanguh

i spent this whole weekend with my friend kim except for four hours. weird. we made clothes. well i made clothes. i made a sweet dress out of a blue and white striped sheet and an apron. i've been making a lot of summery clothes lately.

i have this idea for a top. a jumper with white tshirt material and big red buttons and a red and white flowered lightning bolt across the front. to be worn at my kickball birthday party. i don't have anything serious to say.

i'm just really excited for warm weather. and riding my bike. sometime soon i'll post a list of good summer things. and you tell me yours. i don't think anyone reads this anymore. just christa and sometimes mia. hm. oh well. i'd like to know them anyways.
ta ta!


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