Monday, June 02, 2008

untitled as of yet

i'd like to get back in the swing of things on here.

i'm sitting in the library and the fella to my left is bouncing his head along to the music just like me. i wonder what he's listening to. rachael is to my right reading livejournal.

we moved. to milk house nouveau. it's a really lovely apartment that makes it hard for me to sleep because my room is so bright and sunny and i need to sleep in a cave. so far summer's been pretty broke but also ruled very hard.

going to yellowstone with my family from the end of june until the middle of july. i'm not sure if i'll love it or go crazy or a strange melange of both. is that an english word? hm.

i'm still trying to figure out this whole boys thing. it's been a while since i've had a real hardcore crush on anyone and i'm not sure if that's because there is a serious lack of available material or if i'm not letting myself feel that because it's been even longer since i haven't been let down. here you go internet, have some neuroses.

i guess that's all. km and stef are gone and i think that is very, very stupid. and rachael is back in school which means no more midnight walks to the gas station. dumb.

thought of an idea for a new tat. me and kyle were going to get matching ships and i'm getting "brother see, we are one in the same" around it. he wanted to get jay-z lyrics. we'll see how that plays out.


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