Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cabin fever and sojourns.

I'm turning twenty-two in four days. SHIT. Four days. Shit. I know if I read back over old journals to right before/during/after birthdays I always talk about how old I feel but I am legally and legitimately an adult. My sister's getting married this summer, for Christ's sake. But I still feel like I've got a lot more that needs to happen before I can settle myself down. Nothing wrong with that. Here's to hoping.

Laylay has been my saving grace this summer. Amid the borderline cabin fever and frustration at living in a predominately conservative household, she's always there to go on a trip or bitch, respectively. She's turning into a really cool gal, growing up like. I'm really proud of her, actually. I think she's gonna knock a few things that need it on their asses someday. Force to be reckoned with.

No boys, so far. I'm actually really enjoying things this way. Maybe it's because I was with someone for so long, but I remember being really lonely whenever I didn't have a crush or an object of affection but now I'd say I really am satisfied with myself, seulement. Nothing to give to take. Feels like an important step I didn't realize I took.

Oh yes, journeying to Penn's woods this weekend to celebrate my twenty-second year. I'm hoping to drink adult beverages, make googallay eyes at cute boys, swim in a dirty lake, and wear cute dresses. Also hug a bunch of people I hain't seen in too long a while.


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