Tuesday, March 13, 2001

I'm so tired. Physically and emotionally. I woke up well enough. But I had gym first period, and we were playing floor hockey. I can't help getting into games. I can't help being competative. I shouldn't have to try not to be. It bothers me that girls that are into sports are considered tom boys. Oh well, I'm not really in the mood to fight for womens rights.
This whole suprise party thing is draining everything from me. I think I was supposed to get the names and numbers of people that are comming....yeah, well, I didn't! I'm not even sure that everyones going to come. I'm afraid I'll cry if theres only 10 people there. Boys suck. Several of the guys today said they wouldn't come if Fiad was there. Not that I was looking forward to him or anything, but people can be really mean. Even if Fiad would show up wasted or high out of his mind. I guess the world is just an ugly place....
I'm going to go upstairs, listen to "The Lady of Shalott", and read The Lord of The Rings.

P.S. My new beehive leaders are comming tonight =(


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