Tuesday, April 24, 2001

It's funny how well I can fool myself into thinking what I want. I've done it to the point that I thought I was getting good grades so that I wouldn't lose any sleep. Now this. Now I'm making myself belive how wonderful I must be. It's strange that you're so much more confident about liking someone when you're not around them. I'm almost sure he's in love with me when I'm around my friends, then we talk...and boom. It hits me that maybe nothing is going on. My imagination goes overboard sometimes....

I'm the mascott for Ashley's softball team. Finially, an excuse to dress up like a duck. I'll make them change thier name if I have to. What kind of softball team is named "blue jays"? "The Ducks" strikes so much more fear.
They won 4-1. Go Slashly =)


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