Sunday, April 29, 2001

It's late. I love night time. Why does reality have to ruin it? I wish I could live forever at night on Christa's trampoline, or staying up late eating Hot Pockets and mint choclate chip ice cream and watch DPS. I wish that I didn't have to face all of my wonderful peers tomorrow (bleh). Wishing doesn't really get me anywhere, though.

I can't figure out what's going to happen this summer. I want Christa to come up here and see all the sights, and I know she'd love that. But I also wanna go back down there....I guess the only thing I'm really attached to there is her, but I still want to try and recreate what happened last summer. That was the time of my life. Truly.

I feel horrible. I just realized I don't have Dreams on my Napster. How dare I. lol....Memories are wonderful.

I guess I'm more or less happy right now, and I'd rather live it than write about it. So good night.


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