Sunday, November 10, 2002

My oh my, Friday night....=)

Amongst unsaid animosity and phone tag, it was decided that Roxie would pick me up and we'd head out for a night on the town. She picked me up at 69 Grandma Lane and we listened to Todd Barry, bien sur, stopped in at Burger King to bum around with Hairnet Kayla and headed back out again. We were told by her father to spit on a rich person's car, stalked Scotty and ate too much Chinese. We then spent a good 1 1/2 at the mall, with a plunger on my back, giving the much-desired tail effect, tried to kill the guy in Hot Topic with it, but alas, plungers don't kill. I have a Flogging Molly pin, to complete my collection [matching sticker and shirt]. The plunger ended up on a jewelry case window in Boscovs and we ended up having pamphlets thrown at us by Jehova's Witnesses and provoking her dad into homicidal thoughts because of our midleading directions as to where to pick us up. Miss Roxielicious spent the night, a dancing Robert Downey Junior in a diaper was born and so were a million other laugh-provoking conversations that I don't quite remember at the moment.


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