Wednesday, June 11, 2003

So I can't have food next to me when I'm on the computer. I just ate a good 12 oz of UTZ sourdough specials pretzels and I'm nigh to exploding. Mom and Gram went to visit someone who's having surgery on their knee sometime in the future in the hospital, so I'm babysitting. I got to sign a permission slip for Ali! I got asked if I was in college again, so woot for me. I'm talking to Jon even tho I haven't in a katrillion years and yeah he's cool. I miss my Reston friends. Good thing it's summer and Ariel has her license.
lissa's being a butt. i hate babysitting when the babies are too big for your butt.

current mood: bored
current music: devil went down to georgia by charlie daniels band


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