Monday, July 14, 2003

i got woken up this morning by ryan's phone call at way too early in the morning, and he came over soon thereafter. we just kinda bummed around [well, he did---i cleaned my room!] and then went out to visit mia at work and ate at taco bell. i swear if the same people worked there all the time we could so be like "the usual" whenever we order. yay for stuffed burritos and fajitas. ryan made fun of my listening to emo but i made up for it by screaming dashboard confessional at him when his hair was down later. we drove around and hung out at his house. we went to target and got him a digital camera just for fun and we jammed to hot hot heat as we drove through red lion. he burned me a yeah yeah yeahs deluxe CD [2 EPs and 1 LP] but i left it in his car. we stopped by mia's and picked her up and then came back here and talked about OBGYNs and ovaries and tampons for like an hour. ryan left soon thereafter and me and mia pretended to clean my room. i'm also rather proud to say i got over my girliness and called the cheer up emo kid and left a message. bravo ashley. i told mumsies and she said he's probably on vacation. then the buergers came over [well, taylor and doug] and we all played big booty and the screaming game and then hung out at the new house and played volleyball. i'm not so proud to say i actually peed my pants for the first time in years. my pals and family are so funny that when i was doubled over guffawing my bladder control was relaxed for a split second but hey, that's all it takes. it's not like it was showing or anything but yeah. i ran into the bathroom to relieve myself. ohh good times. and david kicked the ball and fell flat on his back. after laying in the dirt for about three seconds you hear a monotone "crap". oh man good times. i kinda got mad at mom because she's been really stressed and not too nice lately. i told her she yelled at me this morning when i came into her room crying because of a bad dream and she didn't even realize it. stan said he said yeah he realized that but he was half asleep too and just kinda confused by it. man i hate nightmares. anyhoodles, we just kinda layed around the house and now we're here watching THE BEST MOVIE EVER, SPY KIDS 2!!!!!!! WOO!!!!!!! so today was pretty fun all in all. i really missed ryan while we were apart and i'm glad to be back with him. even if he left before the screaming game [which was a big hit].

kyle's been bugging me to find out about more shows cause he wants to go to one again. ahh i wish so badly that flogging molly, the saw doctors, and black 47 was my first show as opposed to lonestar and phil vassar. bleh. well they've been better since then. but if you have any info on people playing soon, do share. he was bummed about missing the violent femmes, as was i. now i'm going to pee my pants [again] so i bid thee farewell.

current mood: urine-filled
current music: bandages by hot hot heat


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