Saturday, July 12, 2003

my favorite part of the weekend so far was definitely playing badmiton with pavid beurger in my grandma's yard slash yelling at each other and playing the depth perception catch game with kyle and david. this is how you play: everyone shuts one eye and play catch. yay! i got phones and kyle's humungo boots thrown at me and it ended up we were playing the stevie wonder [steven king? b.b. king?] version where we just threw pillows at each other with our eyes closed and ended up getting vicious especially after david and i both opened up our eyes. ahh good times. =) youth confrence was alright, i did have some new spiritual insights [favorite part of "I Believe In Christ" is now 'i believe in christ, so come what may] and danced with like three boys, all of whom i knew. found out joe/ashley is really really cool and kyle got called a lamanite behind his back because of his hair. or so we're assuming. so whee tomorrow's church and it's so summer and i don't have to do anything ever again. alicia buschey was asking me my favorite candy and what have you because I'M TURNING SIXTEEN IN 13 DAYS and my birthday's while we're at girl's camp. woot woot YCL-dom, here we come. i'm really excited. and in a good mood. i also want to play with mia. so we're gonna try and set that up on monday.

current mood: jovial
current music: the likes of you again by flogging molly


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