Wednesday, July 09, 2003

we sat there, uninhibited by anything.

no shoes, no bras, no worries
just lauther and smiles and ice cream and a light summer drizzle that was really more refreshing than wetting. we laughed at everything and pretended that the piles of rocks behind us were diamonds and opals and rubies and more valuable than anything we had ever seen. and we were sitting on them.

and then she had to go to work and i to do laundry, back to our growing up lives. back to yelling and complicated tears and new situations that you're not entirely sure you want to be in.

but you know what? it's alright. i'm alright. she's alright. the two don't have to be seperate. we can have our five-year-old moments while trying to wade through our almost-adult problems. because ignoring isn't the same thing as knowing, and still looking above.


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