Tuesday, July 08, 2003

so! i'm officially in on the suprise. that no one else knew about except the family and possibly warner. for ashley's 16th birthday, they'er throwing her a luau!! our new ginormous yard will serve quite nicely, what with having room for roasting a pig and a volleyball court. if you're reading this you're probably invited. seriously--including warner and christa. please come, i'm rather excited and you have no idea how big of a let-down it would be if you didn't come. ideas are welcomed! it was mom's idea to roast a pig and i thought it sounded pretty cool so! if you're one of my three vegetarian friends, please don't be offended at my animal-killing ways. if you have any hawaiian music, please share. so far on the playlist in my head i've got some elvis and ccr but i'm kinda lost beyond that. oh gracious me.

so yesterday i pulled out stan's beatles sheet music and tried to teach myself across the unvierse. me being an idiot didn't actually listen to the song before i tried it. so i spent about 20 minutes trying to pluck it before i got david to come up and try and show me how. so yeah. turns out you strum. i'm so tarded. but i've got D and D minor down so far. All bow down before me. Man I feel so musically inept when I listen to stuff like CCR and Sublime and Smashing Pumpkins and compare it to my attempts at making music come out of the steel stringed abomination that is my yamaha. off ashley goes to steal stan's alvarez. also: if you have any guitar skills or tips you'd like to share with me, it would be much appreciated.

current mood: excited
current music: clocks by coldplay


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