Wednesday, July 09, 2003

yay i love ariel forever! and mia! oh man. last night chit chatted on the phone and today i woke up with her storming in my room and laying down next to me. we went to roma's with ali and then sat outside the exxon and ate ice cream and collected precious jewels. momma drove her to work and dropped me off at grammy's and we hung out till about an hour ago. we watched a midsummer night's dreamy [that was originally a typo and i thought it looked so pretty i couldn't change it. but i know it's 'dream'] and grandma didn't really like it cause she couldn't understand what they were saying since it was more or less the original script. and then i started spouting shakesperean sonnets in my head about everything that was happening as i tend to do with anything that i like. that is, i envelop it and pretend i created it.

i'm doing my best not to think about stupey stupey boys that make you think too much. i went up to my room last night with the intentions of a writer, wanting to complain in ink about what they make me wait for without realizing it but fortunately got distracted by miss ariel's phone call. so right now i love all my friends for making my mouth laugh and my ego inflate.

current mood: friendly
current music: i'm sorry by the red hot valentines


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