Monday, July 07, 2003

To elaborate on the last post--

Got back from EFY/Maryland last night! Made a new friend named Alex who's my twin in every way except he super duper hearts Dashboard. But hey, it's all gravy, right? Horrible part is I lost my journal with his number in it [not to mention everyone else's] so I can't get in touch with him till he gets in touch with me. Sigh. Plus our lineternet's still broken. Oh yeah! We're moving! We looked at a house today and I'm pretty sure we're gonna get it. It's only 4 bedrooms, which is kinda a squeeze for 8-10 people, and so everyone gets to share. BUT! It has kiwi plants and plum trees and grapes and blueberries and a volleyball court and several fishponds. And major closet space. What more could you want, really?

Krissie and I decided we're going to try to keep on our wristbands till next year's EFY. They're plastic so I'm super hoping they don't like grow mold or anything. Also: my awesome red bracelet that I so super heart is starting to break. The elastic bands are popping and meh. =( I can always re-do it with string but it's not the same. mar, makes me sad.

EFy was soooo incredibly awesome I can't even get over it. Just the boost I need. Also: turns out there's real boys that are interesting and funny and enjoyable to be around that have testimonies and morals. Huh. Who'da thunk it....not this girl, that's who. Oh yeah I got to be majorly good friends with Pollykate. We ate kurds every day and talked in southern gone with the wind accents and made up jokes that absolutely no one thought was funny but us. man i love her.

last night i grabbed one of those buzz markers and a clipboard and psychoanalyzed everyone in my family. my mom's racist and afraid of midgets, lissa sets unattainable goals [admires pochahontas] david's aneorixic and austin got prescribed 700mg of ridelin anally a day. yay! i'm so good at this stuff.

current mood: refreshed
current music: down on the corner by ccr [in my head]


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