Thursday, July 17, 2003

woo so today i wish i hadn't really gone out with rox and mander. i had a really good time last night tho, watching gone with the wind with kyle and roxie and not entirely understanding the really really late half-drunken sleep filled conversation i had with roxie last night in bed. man i was tired. i don't remember any of it except "i'm not tir--snore snore". whatever. but yeah when we went to that stupey tattoo shop i had stan come pick me up. we went around looking for antiques and i almost got this postcard for mandy but i forgot i had money so i put it back. it was really cool tho. it was like "I don't miss you because i'm here and you're there" or something. but yeah. then we went out to eat and we both got these humungo sandwhiches that were deliciously fattening and man my stomach got bloated. oh yeah we went to the mall [we=mander and rox and me] and i saw the bra i'm wearing on the rack. crazy stuff. this morning roxie or mander [i don't member who] when we were like looking at our stomachs and my coolio tat that mia gave me was like "i really like your body." cool compliment, neh? anyhoodles. now i'm at stan's office and not really doing anything. please forgive the lack of poetry in this post but hey whatever. i'm not really in the best mood as of this afternoon because of stupey people being really dumb and making stupid decisions. yay for upcomming prayer and scriptures.

we're moving in 2 days and i'm turning 16 in 8. whoo! yesterday i almost started crying when i started to take my mural off my wall. it really really depresses me. i'm only going to be able to put things up on one wall in the new house so it's gonna be like floor to celing and i still have to keep some stuff in a box somewhere. i mean i have like 5 posters along with a katrillion little things and posters my friends have made me. speaking of friends...

+your three best qualities = funny,understanding, romantic
+three worst qualities = impatient, stubborn, egocentric at times
+three things you are often complimented for = being rad, making things for people, looking good.
+a compliment you got that made you blush = aw i can't tell.
+you get embarrassed when = i'll do a dance or something for one person and then we're in a big crowd and that person's all like, "ryan, do that thing!" and i don't want to and then everyone gets mad.
+makes you happy = phone calls from ashley
+upsets you = the ruptured disc in my back.

aw that's from ry-bones livejournal. i love him so much. i feel bad because i kinda didn't call him back yesterday. mayhap he'd enjoy going to the jefferson carnival with us, mia? if that's okay. yeah. i'm excited about that but not so much about the moving things all day long. it's very tedious. oh well.

current mood: estranged
current music: absolutely nothing by immediate space


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