Saturday, October 04, 2003

today so far has been really fun. we had tay-tay, davey, and their poppa over last night for a little while. then the older two went home and david and tay-tay and ausin and i played truth or dare in the kitchen while eating chinese food. this morning i went to wal-mart with stan and ali to shop for a birthday present, and we got stuff for dinner tonight that's going to be really really good. we're probably gonna invite the buergers over, and mia's already coming over. we're probably gonna go out afterwards--but i don't know what all we'll do. i wanted to wear my go-go outfit but i don't have the boots, so i suppose i'll have to wait. oh yeah, at wal-mart i got fake eyelashes. i dunno when i'm gonna wear 'em tho. maybe for homecoming. ahh such a good mood. then i cleaned a bunch, in the kitchen...which wasn't that fun. but i was all jamming out to the sounds and the aquabats and oasis and such. so yeah. there ya have it.


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