Sunday, December 07, 2003

my parents have an overly zealous affinity for homemade sushi and the whole house smells like fish right now. i'm doing my american history project on ulyssess s grant...and shooting myself in the foot over and over.

went to dad's this weekend-that was fun. just kinda bummed around and got fat from all the ice cream and pizza. seriously, that's all i ate the whole time i was there. i love having witty banter with my coolio family. so much fun. i wake up and go to bed laughing. it's crazy snowing though, guys. or snowed. what have you. rox, we can go push me into the snow anytime. just call me call me call me call me anytime CALL ME as i dip my head in peroxide. I want to cut my hair on Wednesday at Alex's work, but I'm assuming I need to make an appointment. I'm always scared to have someone new cut my hair. And it's gonna be crazy short.

Christmas is soon and I have NO money. Homemade gifts here's your moment to shine.

i thought i was smart
i thought i was right
i thought it was better not to fight
i thought there was a virtue in always being cool


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