Thursday, April 29, 2004

reel big fish

Reel Big Fish were amazing. Ohh my gosh. Fantastic. It was like the best thing in the world, ever. I'm uber-picky about which shows I go to because I can't seem to enjoy them unless I really like the music. Which is why I've been to like three in the last 5 months. But this one was very, very worth it. I can't get over experiencing music--I told Elle today that I'm my happiest when I'm at shows. And even though I was groped, and he wasn't even cute, and I gave that pick away, it was PERFECT because me and Fred pseudo-kissed and knowing the lyrics changes everything and davey and b. doug were there and i can't stop smiling. and the music, oh the music. today was about six hundred times better because of it. and the under 21 mark is still on my hand.