Thursday, May 13, 2004

mexico, baby. these indians know.

i've been thinking about john an awful lot lately. the whole road trip scenario and i don't know if he's serious about it at all and i really hate being so apprehensive about falling head over heels in love with an idea. but i have these cute daydreams about reading on the road out loud and stopping at gas stations in green polka dotted skirts and listening to weezer with the windows down. watching people drive is such a turn-on, and the open road gives me some kind of thrill that can't be matched. so if this doesn't happen i'll be heartbroken.

for the record, i'm starting a fund to get me to louisiana this summer. donations welcome.

my heart hurts like dimmesdales when i think of that polka dotted skirt and holding hands in the front seat.

and i hate being the only one in love.


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