Saturday, September 04, 2004


memorial day weekend and i'm down with strep. i also didn't get to turn in any of those humungo assignments that i didn't sleep because of...sweet! but yeah feeling craptastic. and i dont know if we'll be able to go to rx bandits because dad doesn't want to let us go early. whatev. i stayed home on friday and slept until one o'clock. it was insane. and i was still tired.

watched being john malkovich with dad and kyle last night. uber funny. and wierd. but cool.

i'm really liking school this year. i have gym eighth period with linnhe and i felt uber hot on thursday because of my button-down shirt and emo kid sweater. awesome. i love getting to dress up every day. and by dress up i mean not wearing pajamas. but seriously like i'm bursting with happiness cause i look uber hot thanks to france and i love all my friends and i like my clothes and everything's just so good. except for dad, but i don't have to be down here all the time any more so woot!

PARTAY sometime soon. feel free to come. it's gonna be tubular and a half. like falopian tubular.


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