Wednesday, August 31, 2005

yo' opinion doesn't matta

mercedes is gone. someone stole her. and i miss her. and walking to and from class is very lonely without her. first my iTrip, and now this.

yesterday i drove all the way to hell and back again. plus i stopped in pittsburgh. it was really a terrible day except for about an hour. i spent all day trying to get my car inspected but it didn't seem to work. so i guess i'm doing it all over again tomorrow. i did get to see kurt tho. and that made a lot of bleh go away.

on the way back from breakfast i was walking behind a supa coo skata kid with the vans and the low shorts and stuipd backpack and he walked by a car with a busted out window and plastic covering the hole [you know the type]. only the plastic wasn't covering the hole, it was on top of the car. he walked over to protect the teal eclipse's interior by fixing it! nice boy, huh?


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