Friday, January 22, 2010

to god's ears

southern maryland is starting to grow on me, slowly. i spend most of my time in a kitchen or with my nose buried in a book, so things can't be that bad. most of the summer was spent bumping around with mike nims, dock drinking and getting into unnecessary scrapes. come colder weather, however, i tend to hibernate and only leave the house for real necessities like going to work and to buy cigarettes.

i've re-decided to go to pittsburgh. as exciting as montana sounds i feel like once i got there i'd end up right where i started in may--lonely and wishing time would pass faster. i had a conversation with heather mcneil when i was still trying to make up my mind about things wherein she gave me the solid advice of fun not being a waste of time. i'm excited to be around all my friendly family and in a city i love. so i'm setting a tentative move-in date of late july or early august. i've been looking around for restaurants i'd like to apply at and there are quite a few that seem very intriguing. i think this move is going to be my grown-up one. i'm planning on settling down there, at least for a few years or until something else comes along. who knows, maybe anthony bourdain will come propose to me and i'll have to move to new york where i'll be sous chef at his new restaurant. can't wait.

i'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of my job. i know that anthony's kitchen isn't making any earth-shatteringly innovations in the world of food, but i more or less have free reign on the kitchen. i can make recipes however i want and put specials on should i feel so inspired. i think it's a good place for me to train, so to speak, for bigger kitchens. i do wish i could go to culinary school but there's something so sexy about actually putting out food that makes me not want to stop, even for a little while.

so i guess that's it. nothing big or exciting down here in the pseudo-south, but i feel like everything's going well. not quite where i want to be on many points but i'm headed the right direction. things are good, i think. hope you're also doing well.


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