Saturday, June 05, 2010

Inspired by Randymommy

I love...
secret handshakes. men in white undershirts. America. Glacier Park. Indiana summers. freshly shaved legs on freshly cleaned sheets. taking your shoes off after being on your feet all day. Bill Pullman's Independence Day speech. the 4th of July. tomato sandwiches. ranch. sweet baby ray's barbeque sauce. old bay (tastes like childhood). "God Be With You Til We Meet Again." "Battle Hymn of the Republic." putting out sexy plates. fresh herbs. menthol cigarettes in the summertime. my three hour marinara sauce. dueling banjos. pinky swears. nicknames. realizing you've been reading for hours on end. new office supplies. throwing things in the kitchen. little girls dressed up as princesses on non-occasions. lake swimming. Irish accents. crab feasts. Wikipedia. Calvin and Hobbes. Blink182. Dinosaurs. the Air and Space museum. sleeping with the windows open in the summertime. really good steak. knuckle tats at parties. kitchen slang. building fires. summer thunderstorms at night. not wearing a bra. talking about drugs. the phrase "titties til tuesday." dock drinking. sweet potato fries. Beauty and the Beast. chivalrous young men. people who swear well. bandanas. high fives over getting laid. The Blue Album. going barefoot. really sharp knives. fresh produce. industrial parts of town. tobacco barns. dandelion jewelry. collective party recollection the morning after. making lists. fresh lemonade. graduation ceremonies. walking into a party crowded with your friends. aviator glasses. etymology. being a big sister. orson scott card. the anticipation you feel when you're getting ready for a big night. theme parties. trivial pursuit. my dogs. walt whitman. e.e. cummings. planning halloween costumes months in advance. rope swings. guns. driving pickup trucks. winking at handsome strangers. "Irish Party in Third Class." watching a cute boy play the drums. cooking dinner for the whole family.


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