Saturday, December 15, 2001

GrnKOW: I don't want you to be sad. =(
Her Silent Stars: me neither.... thanks tho
Her Silent Stars: maybe it's just post m s
GrnKOW: Then snap out of it!
Her Silent Stars: lol =)
Her Silent Stars: yes ma'am =)
GrnKOW: You can tho!
Her Silent Stars: ok. I'll try
Her Silent Stars: I think soccer will help
GrnKOW: Call me Drill Sergant Gimp
Her Silent Stars: I'm gonna go now finish getting ready for my game
Her Silent Stars: lol!
GrnKOW: That
GrnKOW: is
Her Silent Stars: ok, ok. I will )
Her Silent Stars: =)*
Her Silent Stars: bye =)
GrnKOW: Bye. =)

And so my day has gone. Nice, long shower that turned into a bath with Siamese Dream playing loudly, far from the background. Wearing huge shorts that look like capris/tents. And brownies and cookie dough [shh don't tell! Maybe if I ignore how much I eat, I'll lose the weight]. And beautiful, beautiful music. I get to go to a Seminary party in about...1 hour and 15 minutes. I'm not dying to go, but church people are always awesome. Wow. I haven't said that in a while. But my Seminary teacher is sooo cool. I love her to death. Anywho! I'm going to Ariel's tonight and I'm gonna eat yummy Chaunaka food and be with Ariel and laugh. Oh, I love to laugh. =)

My dad is quite awesome. We had a conversation today about heredity and dominant and recessive genes, trying to figure out why our family has the eye color they do. And everything's normal again. I realized normal isn't bad, not with my family. I truly love them, with every part of me. Being the lady of the house isn't that bad. =)


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